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clarity for your journey.

In business, success is built on the pillars of cash flow, systems, and strategies, with your team forming the critical foundation. A strong team is essential; without it, even the best strategies fall flat. At exANIMO Solutions, we understand the challenges you face in leadership, often feeling overwhelmed or unheard. Our mission is to unlock your leadership potential and amplify your voice, fostering transformation across your teams and organization. Join us to journey towards a more balanced and effective leadership style, strengthening your team's foundation, and in turn, fortifying your business.

100x healthy & multiplying.

Are you striving to be a leader who is not only effective in your own role but also inspires others to lead? At exANIMO Solutions, we understand the challenges you face in this journey. Our mission is to guide you towards becoming a 100% healthy leader, fully equipped to nurture and multiply effective leadership within your organization. We focus on your personal growth, ensuring you're prepared to lead but also ignite the potential in others, helping them to become leaders worth following.

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the process.

common language.

Shared language streamlines communication and reduces misunderstandings, fostering a unified culture. It aligns team members towards common goals, enhancing efficiency and capacity in the workplace.

visual tools.

Harness the power of imagery to simplify complex concepts, making them more engaging and easier to understand. They create a transformative learning experience by enhancing memory retention and fostering deeper comprehension.


At our core, we prioritize lasting transformation over temporary solutions in personal and team development. We believe in deep, meaningful change rather than quick fixes, ensuring sustainable growth and progress for individuals and teams alike.

data driven.

Access multiple assessments to generate insightful data, essential for informed decisions about personal and team development. By revealing key strengths and areas for growth, they enable tailored strategies to enhance overall team performance and growth.

digital platform.

Our digital platform is designed to align your team with both personal and collective development goals, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It facilitates a cohesive approach to growth, fostering a shared understanding and progress in your team's development journey.

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Understanding the challenges and opportunities unique to each leader, we are dedicated to guiding you in discovering and honing your individual identity. 1:1 coaching sessions and leader intensives are tailored to address your specific needs, providing regular, customized support for your ongoing personal and professional development. 
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We specialize in team development, offering Team Performance Assessments, Core Groups, and Workshops to bolster group dynamics and culture. Tailored to meet unique team challenges and opportunities, our services foster collective identity and growth. We provide consistent, customized support to improve communication, alignment, execution, and capacity.

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We focus on enriching organizational culture through keynotes, workshops, and hybrid training curriculums. These tailored services foster a unified and dynamic workplace environment, promoting growth and collaboration. Our approach equips organizations to build a strong, lasting culture for continued success.

our work.

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exANIMO has been teaching our church staff leadership principles for a couple years. All our staff leads others, whether volunteers or other paid staff. Knowing how to lead is crucial for their success as leaders and the church's success in achieving its mission in the world. exANIMO's practical insights and "try this now" applications have helped our staff lead well in a hectic world.

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Every. Time. Seriously, every time I go through the Peace Index, I realize that I'm in a better place that I feel. It's easy as an entrepreneur to get so stuck in the day-to-day rollercoaster that we lose sight of the big picture. Jason has helped me pull back and find space to work on the business rather than losing my mind in the rush of it all.

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Blue Skies

5 Voices is empowering!  I absolutely loved how the videos were tailored to my specific voice pattern.  I recommend anyone diving in and finding your voice.  5 Voices affirmed who I am and encouraged me to develop and grow in a way that can help others around me.

fairhaven christian church.


ex animo (latin) means from the heart, to fill with breath, enliven, encourage

At exANIMO Solutions, we understand that true leadership goes beyond mere strategic thinking and action. While these are important, engaging the heart is key to avoid being just another authority figure. True leadership is about influence, not just authority. That's why we fight for the highest good of those we serve.

Jason is an entrepreneur, worship pastor, and excited about all things creative. Married to his wonderful wife, Donna, they have 5 children, a new daughter-in-law, and foster kids who need a family to care for them. Throughout all of his roles, he desires to fight for the highest good of those he serves. This is evident not only in how he treats people but brings practical wisdom to his coaching philosophy as well. Click below to set up a time to meet and connect with Jason.

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